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I'm 21 Birmingham, UK

I'm fat and BEAUTIFUL, if you don't agree, you don't have to be on my blog. I respect your views, doesn't mean I wish to hear them if you're hating on me.

This blog started to help me appreciate my body. I was in a deep depression due to my weight. Thinking I was disgusting. I started anonymously until I realised that people genuinely thought my body was beautiful. And they're right to think this.

I have now decided to say a big 'Fuck you' to the world and be me. And be happy with that. Which I currently am, of course. My blog will consist of my face, body and mind. My life, things I live and appreciate.

If you're under 18 and male, please unfollow me and get off my blog. Thank you.




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Shine bright like vagina.





girls, when you’re feeling sad, just remember:

  • a vagina can go back to it’s original size after taking something 20x its size
  • a penis will end up looking like an empty potato sack that’s been run over quite a lot if it does

you can do this girl

be as resilient as your vagina


shine bright like vagina

You’re beautiful like vagina’s in the sky.

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