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I'm 21 Birmingham, UK

I'm fat and BEAUTIFUL, if you don't agree, you don't have to be on my blog. I respect your views, doesn't mean I wish to hear them if you're hating on me.

This blog started to help me appreciate my body. I was in a deep depression due to my weight. Thinking I was disgusting. I started anonymously until I realised that people genuinely thought my body was beautiful. And they're right to think this.

I have now decided to say a big 'Fuck you' to the world and be me. And be happy with that. Which I currently am, of course. My blog will consist of my face, body and mind. My life, things I live and appreciate.

If you're under 18 and male, please unfollow me and get off my blog. Thank you.




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monthly reminder to unfollow me if you think white people can experience racism

Sam Pepper handcuffs himself to women on the street, refusing to release one woman until she kisses him


are we gunna have sex or are you going to continue to like my posts 



damn this is such a good song let me play it 86 times an hour until I hate it

Or set it as my ringtone or alarm until I loathe it.


I think you’re cute

cute as in I wanna hear what you sound like while experiencing an orgasm


If you fuck a fat girl

You’re not allowed to just grab her tits and ass and ignore the rest of her.

You better grab all the other fat squishy parts of her beautiful body too.

Got it?

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